How to Conduct a Case Study

A case study is usually a form of qualitative expressive research that is carried out to look at individuals, a selected group of people or an entity. The individual conducting the case study research gathers data about the participants via direct observation, protocols, tests, interviews, gathering writing samples such as questionnaires and examination of records. When writing a case study, one is supposed to begin by defining what a case study is, then a brief history on case studies. After the history review, the guide progresses to the methods and applications including data analysis and collection. Writing case studies can sometimes prove futile especially during the research and data collection bit; therefore, when selecting a case study topic, it is important to select one that you have interest in so that you may never lose your motivation.

Formulating Case Studies

There are several kinds of case studies, just as they are different uses for writing case studies such as academic purposes, corporate proof research and so on. Before you start working on a case study, it is important to know that case studies do vary. There are about four types of case studies namely:

  1. Critical study- Studies specific subjects with cause and outcome effects.
  2. Cumulative study- Collective information comparison
  3. Exploratory/investigative
  4. Illustrative- Gives a descriptive account of events.

After understanding the variations of case studies in relation to their styles and types, you can then decide which type and design is best suited for your intended audience.

Case Study Research

Your case study research could be about countries, companies, individuals or even practices and programs. Regardless of the method you choose to employ, always remember that the purpose of you conducting the case is to rigorously analyze a situation. After you have selected your topic, you need to decide what your research will be about and where you will carry it out – case site. You can begin your research in the library or on the internet to start developing into an issue. Once you have focused your search to a particular issue, now you can order you paper from EssayCapital. Quantity of pages, deadline, main idea, outline is important information when you are going to ask help expert writer.

Harvard Case Studies

Harvard case studies are considered as the best library to source for case studies. They have conducted a series of case studies on various fields, which offer a great in-depth of information on the topics covered. The case studies they have conducted so far are on business and government relations, finance, entrepreneurship, human resource management, information technology, social enterprise and organizational behavior among several others.

If you doubt your case study writing skills, don’t hesitate, hire case study help online and succeed in your studies.