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An admission/application essay is an integral piece of a student’s application. Most admissions committees consider the student’s application essay more the than the attached certificates and recommendations letter because it reveals the applicant’s character, something that certificates and good grades cannot reveal. In 2011, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling’s State of College Admission report revealed that although the admission test scores, solidity of curriculum and grades are the top factors in the college admission resolution, a majority of universities and colleges believe the college application essay to be of moderate or considerable importance in deciding which academically qualified students they would select. This goes to show that when playing field is leveled and all the competing applicants have equal qualifications, a captivating essay is all it takes to make the difference. A strung, well-drafted essay can tip the balance for a negligible applicant.

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Writing a college application essay typically relies on three essay questions; the ‘you’ question, the ‘why us” question and the ‘creative question. The ‘you’ question simply addresses who you are as a person by talking about yourself, kind of like an introduction. You are supposed to reveal more about yourself than just your test score and grades. The ‘why us’ question basically answers why you are interested in that particular career or college. You can talk about how you came to learn of the institution and how you became interested. The main aim of the ‘creative’ question is to evaluate the applicant’s critical thinking skills and assess the depth of their education and knowledge. It is a great opportunity for the student to air their views on a particular topic as well as their personality. EssayCapital is ready to help you to submit the best college admission essays.

College Applications Essays

Application essays reveal more than the students’ characters and personalities. From the college application essays, the college admission officers can obtain evidence that the student write well and can generate logical arguments to support their ideas. For a student applying for college, he/she must show they are competent to think for themselves, can express themselves and handle task on their own. Our company know how important for you is to submit perfect essay. That’s why we hire only professionals of the academic writing field with years of experience. They can write essay from scratch as well as proofread and edit your own article.

College Admission Essay

So the next time you are asked to write a college application essay, do take it with the seriousness it deserves. Remember that you are not the only individual applying for admission into that particular institution, and that the other applicants might be as highly qualified as you are. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for the help. Writer is a profession, not everyone have this talent. If you want to be a doctor, to be a good writer is the last thing you have to learn. Concentrate on those subjects that are really important for you and leave boring writing for professionals.