All You Need to Know About Book Reports

Frequently given to students especially those in elementary school, book reports are very common assignment that develop such students’ skills as analytical thinking and summary writing. However, writing assignments nowadays are not as important as was a few years ago. Today, in modern life writing assignments are only the things that take a lot of time. Nevertheless, this is vital for student’s grades. If you think that there are more crucial things in your life that writing essays, then you are in the right place.

By definition, book reports can be defined as basically discussion or description of a book. Within its context, a book report breaks down the ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ a particular story was written. One can describe a story’s theme, setting, characters, and a summary of the narrative. There are various ways of formulating a book report and one of them is writing of creative book reports, on the other hand, go far and beyond the usual book report. It involves:

  1. Creating a PowerPoint presentation of the book report, which is a fun way to do it since you can incorporate interactive elements to the story making it all the more
  2. Dramatization of a chapter or favorite scene of the book.
  3. Formulating an interesting comical storyboard of the book report to give it a lighter feel.
  4. Designing a scrap book with picture cut outs of characters you have created to resemble those in the book.

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Regular Format for Writing a Book Report

The same way a person narrates to a friend about an interesting movie or TV series, writing a book report is similar to that, only in this case the narration is in written form, also known as a written narrative. Nonetheless, the written report is much more important since it will be marked by your teachers as part of an assignment, and even reviewed by other readers. It is imperative to formulate a book report that has fluidity, this simply implies that your story should flow, and is written in a manner that is simple and fast to read and understand. Our writers will do all that is necessary so that your essay will be outstanding. Years of experience, high education and talent – is the secret that helps our writers submit only the high-quality work.

The Book Report Structure

The general format for writing an essay is introduction, body and then conclusion or summary. As part of introduction, we start by mentioning the author’s title, his/her other job description if any, and several other details regarding the author to familiarize the reader. After talking about the author, our writers note down the publisher of the book and year of publication.

The body consists of the story’s theme, setting, plot, the main characters and a brief description of them. After that we summarize the story by capturing the main points, the significance of it all and what the writer wishes to make us understand. As for the conclusion, we give a personal opinion of the book and the authors writing style.  Did you like the book or not, and would you recommend it to anyone or a group of people? The book report assignment is one of the simplest school assignments, unless you dislike reading. Nevertheless, it can take a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, we are here to help you.